When it was really over, the Leipzig people were still excited. Youssef Paulsen gave the Bulls a 1-0 corner kick in the sixth minute in a fight with DSG Hoffenheim.

The joy lasted only a short time, however, as Paulson played the ball in his hand during the action, from where it went towards the goal. The video referee stepped in, and Manuel Griff, the referee on the field, looked at the scene again, and then quickly decided on the handball, thus having no goal.

So it was mostly 0-0 in the dark Bundesliga game. The gap between Leipzig and FC Bayern, who play in Wolfsburg today, has narrowed to one to four, not three to two points as generally expected.

“We had a lot of good situations, we didn’t use enough. In the end, we had a little bit of misfortune with the UC title,” coach Julian Knucklesman said in an interview with Toss: “This is not our best game, but we are the best and the best team.”

Hoffenheim, on the other hand, collected another important point in Monday’s goalless draw against Bayer Leverkusen, and thanks to another intense defensive performance. Coach Sebastian Honek was satisfied accordingly: “We fought incredibly well, we were there, we had a good grip. In the end we would have wanted a little more, “he smiled:” When Paulson took the lead, my heart skipped a little. “

Only for the first time in over an hour did Leipzig bring the ball into the opponent’s goal

Leipzig repeatedly tried to hit the full back, which stood high behind the Hoffenheim defense with long diagonal balls. The concept did not work at first. Since DSG made a small attack there was no real chance to score in the first half.

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Knucklesman had the meek performance of his team and brought new strength after the break. But it did not bring much speed in the Leipzig game because the table runner-up was too complicated and too inaccurate. Hoffenheim relied only on the counter-attack, but was unharmed.

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Leipzig increased the pressure – within an hour, Christopher Nukungu actually got the ball towards the goal. A minute later, the completely discovered Adams crossed the distance. Knucklesman was impatiently sidelined and replaced Paulson. But after that it was not really dangerous, but it was almost enough to beat RP.

If that was not Paulson’s hand on the way. (Tsp / dpa)


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