COVID-19: Two patients transferred from Bayonne to Bao

The regional health agency of the Pyrenees-Atlantic Mountains and the Basque Coast Hospital Center in Bayonne on Wednesday returned to the health status of the Basque Coast.

A situation considered “alarming, but under control” according to Maricho Blanzaco, director of ARS 64: “As in all coastal provinces of New Aquitaine, the infection rate in the Basque Coast is increasing sharply. Recent figures clearly show this: if the infection rate is on The provincial level is 290.7 (editor’s note: the number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, on August 1), it is 418 on the Basque Coast, versus 200 in Béarn.

“saturated services”

The result: the hospital center of the Basque Country – which has activated its white plan – is under “great tension”. “His services are saturated. The director asserts that there are 12 patients in intensive care – including 11 unvaccinated patients, under-50 buildings – compared to 5 in Pau. Furthermore, out of these five patients, two were transferred from Bayonne. One arrived on Tuesday and the other this weekend. The solidarity between the health institutions in the department is in full swing, I thank them.”

Above all, Maritxo Blanzaco insisted, shouting: “We are taking the fourth wave head-on. We must not be completely relaxed when wearing a mask, or gestures of barrier, or social distancing! Because even if, in terms of infection rates, they have stabilized in recent days, which It makes us believe that we are at a peak, it has not yet begun to decrease significantly. Above all, the impact on the hospital environment has three weeks of latency. So, the situation is already complex at the moment, and soon, it may not improve. On the contrary, even .. .”

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