The full story of the first DLC leaked!

In the recent past, CD Projekt Red titles have mostly revolved around News about The Witcher 4 and the next generation update for The Witcher 3, which now also has a release date. But now the Polish developers a Huge faux pas Event. In a massive leak, they inadvertently revealed the full DLC storyline for the futuristic role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. You can read here how it happened and what we know.

How Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Leaked?

in files Next generation update, patch 1.5was the Full dialogues about the new DLC From Cyberpunk 2077. The data maker finally realized this neglect. Then extract the lines and Posted on cyberpunk subreddit FF:06:B5. In the meantime, the files on CD Projekt Red have been removed.

What does the leak reveal about Cyberpunk 2077 DLC?

At this point, the first follows Spoiler alertwho wants to experience the DLC completely without prior information, should skip the next paragraph.

The leaked files mainly contain the dialogues of the latest DLC. So I found six folders for the main tasks and seven more folders filled with lines of text. However, for some side quests, the developers have posted a placeholder while File The main story was already complete. A new character called The Tweep It’s been mentioned over and over again, so it’s likely to play an important role in the expansion. opposite sidekick, Johnny Silverhand Keanu Reeves, it should become less important compared to the main game.

The DLC is supposed to be in a file Pacifica Battle Zone gameplay thus opening up a whole new area for the player, which was impassable before. In addition, there have been indications that a Conclusion extension can be planned. As with any leak of this kind, it should be noted that the story could change drastically again before the official release and nothing is firm yet.

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