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The first “Alarm für Cobra 11” was canceled, then RTL has good news أخبار


The action series “Alarm für Cobra 11” has been part of the DNA of RTL radio in Cologne for 25 years. That should end now, because it’s been announced that the final episodes are coming in right now. That would be a deep cut in the history of the station series. But Cobra 11 still has a chance.

Will the only German action series be canceled after 25 years? Apparently. In an announcement, RTL has published the start date of new episodes of “Alarm für Cobra 11”. In August 2020, the series attempted a fresh start with a dramatically different look, new themes and the first female delegate alongside Samir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay). The new episodes with Vicky Reisingerr (Pia Stutzenstein) actually went well for RTL in terms of stakes. But now it looks bad again for the series.

“Alarm für Cobra 11” will be buried this summer for the time being

In the RTL ad, one seems to be happy that “the new eight episodes provide a lot of action and entertaining action.” It was announced on July 29th at 8:15pm, but Joy couldn’t be more awesome, because at the same time it’s said to be “the final season right now.” Your Majesty, this is surprising given the comprehensive review of the strong ratings. But the surprises do not end there.

Aside from the odd programming at the end of July, in the middle of German summer, which isn’t usually the focal point for major TV events, broadcast dates are also a mystery. The eight new episodes will be sent out in just three days. On July 29 and August 5 there are three consecutive episodes, on August 12 the last two. It’s as if the station wants to quickly finish its former serialized horse project after 25 years – without much fanfare. If the odds are good enough, you’ll probably come back again. But in the middle of summer with only three days to run, RTL probably won’t have that hope per se.

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The series can still be saved

When asked TVSPIELFILM.de, RTL said: “Since the big relaunch, we and the motion concept have been thinking about how it can continue with ‘Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei.’ Before we decide on a sequel, we of course want to know how viewers will receive the new episodes, but we are convinced that The story of ‘Cobra’ is not over in RTL. It looks like this: if enough fans are tuned in, the series may still survive.

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