The first star-studded trailer for Prequel

Warner Bros. released. The first trailer for Mafia and “Sopranos” prequel “The Many Saints of Newark”. This is really promising.

Tony Soprano returns from The Sopranos on HBO! Only much smaller, because in the next previous part “Many Saints in Newark” away from the head of the mafia that will one day become. Instead, Anthony Soprano was a teenage boy in New Jersey in the 1960s. There were years of turmoil between the African American and Italian communities. Criminals and suspicious figures on both sides benefit from this.

Young Anthony Soprano was especially fond of his uncle Dickie Multisanti – he adores and looks up to him. And Dickey teaches how to use the boy’s trust to his own ends. Anthony’s evolution into the powerful and intimidating Tony Soprano appears early on.

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Warner Bros. released. Just the first trailer for “The Many Saints of Newark”. And it looks quite promising, with a promising atmosphere: News – Transformers 7 officially announced

The perfect young cast of Tony Soprano is found in “The Many Saints of Newark”

With the mafia drama “The Sopranos,” showrunner David Chase has created a modern classic and one of the best series ever. For more than six seasons, audiences could watch mafia boss Tony Soprano, harmoniously played by James Gandolfini, who died in 2013, as he slowly but surely lost control of the company, his family, and himself. Chase originally had an idea for a movie. With the introduction of “Many Saints in Newark” he can finally fulfill his dream.

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And for the main role, James Gandolfini could be assigned a young age, if you will. Because Michael GandolfiniWhoever makes his first movie here is his son. The 22-year-old apparently inherited the talent from his father. Alongside him is a full cast of top actors: Alessandro Nivola as Richard ‘Dickey’ Multisanti, John Berthal as Giovanni Johnny Boy Soprano as Tony’s father, Vera Farmiga as Tony’s mother Livia Soprano, Ray Liotta, Billy Magnussen, Corey Stoll, John Magaro and Michela Di Rossi and Leslie Odom Jr.

Directed by Alan Taylor (Thor – The Dark Kingdom), who previously worked as a director on the HBO series. Many Saints in Newark will be on 23. September 2021 It starts in German cinemas, with a postponement to October 2021 in the room.

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