The party is over for Maklusi!

Al-Maklausi no longer understood the world: “I didn’t kill anyone!” However, the majority of celebrity couples resent the 51-year-old party singer and Mrs. Marietta (35) for their ambiguous behavior (home, not home, home). “I identified these people myself,” Ben Melzer settles with them. Marietta knows exactly who to blame for the misery: “We’re in the situation right now because of you,” she pounces on Maklausi. But it doesn’t matter: “I am what I am now,” he says.

Not so Yassin, he has mobilized the brawlers for discussion. Steve Gerkel shot directly at Marietta, who rubbed everyone under her nose as the only one who was allowed to call home. “I find this so tactless of you! Peggy also misses our baby.” Ben: “You’re like flags in the wind!” Marietta tears. “I don’t do everything perfectly,” she says meekly. After all, Yassin is glad that everyone talked. Peggy to Samira: “Did that change anything for you? Samira: No!”

Did Mephisto paint the Mona Lisa?

In the game “Tischlein deck dich” the candidates have to prove whether they are also suitable for jungle camp: if one question remains unanswered, both have to swallow the gruesome bites. “Finally something for me, because I eat almost everything,” Klausi rejoices. You can’t say that about Marietta, she’s game over.

Peggy Gerkel’s answer to the question of who painted the Mona Lisa was also great. You: “Mephisto?” Mike thinks Berlin is in Brandenburg, Samira thinks a leap year has 28 days, and Michelle confuses Charles Darwin with Thomas Edison. Yassin is in tears afterward: “I don’t have strength anymore,” he says. Samira adopts it again: “Yeah, you have strength! I love you more than anything!” Ben and Sissy better master the challenge.

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Mike is suspected of witchcraft in Jana

There’s a little new on the hate front: Mike now thinks Jana Palasque is a “witch” and a “fake” and twice refuses to give her a clarifying conversation. “I’m completely ignoring them,” he smiled at Michelle. When Mike and Michelle win the “Give Her Your All, Baby!” (Women have to carry men in their fat suits through the course in wheelbarrows, and at the end there is a gold coin), Mike triumphs of all: “Now it’s about others tearing each other apart!” He is starkly happy.

With the victory, they not only saved themselves from being nominated, but were also allowed to withdraw the protection of the other spouses. It is not surprising who chose Mike and Michelle: Jana and Sasha. In the subsequent nomination, “Team Sprit” received the second largest number of votes after Al Maklousi and Marietta, both of whom had to participate in the exit challenge.

Al-Klusi angered Yassin: “Why am I lying to my people?”

Then the quiet Jana falls into a deep sadness. “I am a very emotional person and I cried for everyone from the negative mood that has arisen,” she says. Her friend Sasha explains that “women often carry the pain of the world inside of them” and that this may have something to do with “the connection with femininity”.

Yassin is not the only one who cannot follow up on what was said. The “Love Island” participant gets really angry when Al-Maklausi comes up with an idea: for photo reasons, one should post joint photos on social media: “This is important so that everyone can see that we are good with each other.” Yassin is enough: “Why do I do this and lie to my people?”

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Jana about Mike: “Sorry, he’s only afraid of me”

The exit is challenged with distributed roles: the women must hold onto the hanging baskets while the men try to sink as many balls as possible into them. Maklausi: “My wife is stronger in build, so she’s more muscular.” But Maritas Mukes doesn’t help much, because Malusi just doesn’t fit – Jana comments smugly: “Klaus, I’m bored! I don’t have to do anything.” The culprit in the disaster? Al-Maklausi again, of course, than others? “I was really bad. In school you would have gotten five for that.”

Thus, the end of the Almklces sealed. Mike is especially worried about the persistence of Jana and Sasha. When Jana kidnaps Michelle and proposes to “organise everything between women,” Mike is freaked out again. “It ended up being an incense stick,” he groaned in the counseling room. Mike says he wants to hit her with her own weapons, “I know more about spirituality than you do!” Meanwhile, Jana has new insights into the source of Mike’s aggression towards her: “Sorry, he’s only afraid of me.”


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