Home entertainment Failed network campaign: “Shut everything down” is so lousy that it hurts – panorama – society

Failed network campaign: “Shut everything down” is so lousy that it hurts – panorama – society

Failed network campaign: “Shut everything down” is so lousy that it hurts – panorama – society

These videos surprise: Dozens of notable actors such as Heike Makatsch, Jan Josef Liefers and Ulrike Folkerts mock the measures taken to combat the Coronavirus. The comments, published late Thursday evening under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen, are full of mockery and mockery. However, what it doesn’t contain are suggestions on how to protect the population from the virus instead.

80,000 people have died in Germany alone as a result of Covid-19 disease, and unfortunately many more will follow. Not a single word is lost in the videos about these dead, including the long-term victims. On the other hand, Heike Makatsch touched on the fact that in a pandemic, one should not open the door anymore to parcel carriers and pizza delivery workers. This, of course, is nonsense, but Heike Makach suggests that this is exactly what proponents of the measures are seeking.

All the videos are the same: The celebrities in question pretend to be supportive of the measures and want tougher measures, in fact they are making fun of them. Actor Volker Broch appeals to the federal government: “It scares us more,” and Ulrich Tukur calls for supermarkets to finally close. Because once all people starve, the virus cannot spread. Haha.

The videos contain familiar messages from displays of lateral thinking: the pandemic is scary tactics, the media is in the classroom, and the federal government is authoritarian.

Yes, the cultural industry has been suffering for more than a year, many of them are facing ruin, and the aid is insufficient. But these recordings show high-income individuals, many of whom are well-known “crime scene” actors. Is their participation a sign of moral courage or rather neglecting prosperity?

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At first glance, it looks as if all-German show’s celebrities took part in the action. But this is just an illusion. In fact, the opposite is true.

In the run-up to such activities, shareholders usually ask their colleagues if they would like to participate. The more people involved, the better. In this way, the number of contributors is surprisingly small. Many, many actors who have been questioned and unfortunately rejected remain invisible, but still important.

The current “crime scene” ranks alone alone include 42 major actors, the vast majority not among them. Thank you, Maria Fortwangler. Thank you Fahri Yardim. Thank you, Nora Cheriner. Thank you Christian Olmen. Thank you Axel Brahl. etc…

Hans George Massen liked this

Elias M.Tariq distanced himself from his colleagues that night. he wrote: Come on, this is nonsense … I can understand zero … sarcasm does not help anyone. ” Tobias Schlegel wrote:Actors # Stamp it all up Feel free to push the ironies deep into your ventilator.

This event is celebrated by side thinkers, right-wing extremists, and other conspiracy believers. Hans George Mason is excited. No, the actors involved could not do anything about it. But it might make them think.

It remains unclear who came up with the idea for the campaign. In the linked site imprint, there is a man who linked the Coronavirus to the influenza virus months ago.

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Fatal error in logic

Among those who participated there were some who were not expected to be very rude. Wootan Wilk Moring and Merit Baker, for example. One has little hope that they will quickly remove everything: It was just kidding. And they may request vaccinations instead. But this will not happen. They mean that. It is simply not possible to predict who will remain stable and rational in light of this pandemic and who will unfortunately drift away.

It’s annoying how Merritt Baker makes fun of wearing a mask in her contribution. So what does that mean? It prefers to pollute the population? Does she believe in the effectiveness of masks? She does not disclose it.

Videos like this are a slap in the face for everyone who has suffered, justified in fear, and who want to show solidarity.

Celebrities, led by Jean-Joseph Leavers, are also making a common sense mistake, also known from the Lateral Thinking Group: they assume the supporters of the security measures are loyal to the government, and even subservient. This is a fatal mistake.

Rulers – rightly – are constantly being criticized. Because of the vaccination disaster, because of inconsistent regulations, because of inconsistent measures and early relaxation. But not because you are supposed to not be allowed to open the door for a pizza delivery clerk.

Sure, some actors will be complaining about massive headwinds in the coming days. You will argue: one can still say that. Yes you can. But you also have to live with the fact that such nonsense does not go unchallenged.

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