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According to NASA, the Navy pilots’ sighting should be confirmed. It is said that the pilots recently saw a UFO. According to the head of the space agency, these may have been extraterrestrial visitors.

Whether there is extraterrestrial life is a question that science is also interested in. There is always information about suspected aliens or spaceships. Recently, it was also said that US Navy pilots saw a clearly visible flying object in the sky.

NASA chief confirms sighting of UFOs

Bill Nelson is the head of NASA’s space agency. He explains that visions can actually be foreign objects. So far there is no actual evidence of extraterrestrial life. Opinions on this vision are also divided. NASA chief Bill Nelson does not rule out, however, that it was not a UFO. According to him, there have been 300 views of this genre since 2004.

However, the last vision should speak in clear language. Nelson explains, “I’ve talked to the pilots. They know they saw something and their radars registered something too.” However, the pilots do not know what they saw. The head of NASA is also convinced that the universe has more planets ready.

But what does life outside Earth look like? What is the material and technological progress of these aliens? And a very important question: Are these life forms hostile to us? The UFO report published by the US government should now provide the first answers.

Are UFOs really real?

NASA Chief Nelson explains in his podcast that there are billions of suns and other solar systems in the universe. It is entirely possible that there are planets with conditions similar to those on Earth. “There are even theories that there could be a multiverse,” Nelson said. Further: “And if so, how then can I say that the Earth is the only planet with a civilized life like ours?”

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In fact, astrophysicists also believe that aliens have long observed Earth. Astronaut and former Senator Nelson explained, “But are there other planets than Earth? I definitely think so, because the universe is so big.”


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