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Kim doesn’t like copying Kim at all…

Since many North Koreans have imitated his style, ruler Kim Jong-un has now banned his citizens from wearing leather coats, according to reports.the sun“.

The dictator’s black leather coat has become a cult item in North Korea. Originally, leather coats were intended for the elite of the communist state, because only real coats could be purchased.

But then North Korean clothing manufacturers began importing synthetic leather to make their own versions. The result: the imitation was sold in almost all North Korean markets and worn by young people all over the country.

Much to the chagrin of Kim, who unofficially imposed the ban. Radio Free Asia reports that the fashion police are now patrolling the streets to confiscate coats from vendors and all citizens who wear them.

The police respond to the complaints by saying that wearing clothes that resemble the clothes of the rulers at the most is a “dirty tendency” that calls into question their authority.

The dictator’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, was reportedly wearing the leather coat, which is being traded as his designated successor. That is why it is said that it has become a symbol of strong women and that North Korean women are no longer allowed to wear the poncho.

And that’s after Kim Jong-un actually banned them from wearing skinny jeans to counter “Western decadence”.

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