Favorite: Alexia Budellos of FC Barcelona won the Ballon d’Or Feminine Award in 2021. In addition to the competition within the team, the Spaniard has struggled with a number of Chelsea players in particular.

Title Collector: Alexia Butellos has also won the Ballon d'Or Feminine Award after several trophies with FC Barcelona.

Title Collector: Alexia Butellos has also won the Ballon d’Or Feminine Award after several trophies with FC Barcelona.
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Butellos received the prestigious award at the Parisian Theater du Satellite on Monday evening, when the French business magazine “French Football” was voted on. “I was very emotional,” the player said on stage after the handover. “It’s a special thing, especially in the presence of my teammates, it’s a personal award, but it’s not possible without my team. I want to thank my family and my mom and I’m proud of myself. Anm.d.red) Did for me. I hope you are proud of your daughter. So this is for you, Papa. ”

The midfielder has won three titles with FC Barcelona this year: in addition to the Women’s Champions League, the Catalans also won the championship and trophy in Spain. In August, the 27-year-old was named the European Footballer of the Year by the UEFA.

With a total of 26 goals and 15 assists in 35 games last season, Butellos stood out from the strong Barசாa federation. He continued unabated this season: 13 goals and 12 assists after 13 games in the League and Champions League – including TSG Hoffenheim (4-0 and 5-0).

Bar பார்a and Chelsea dominate

The biggest match in the Ballon d’Or came from the defending Champions League finalist FC Chelsea: with five players each, both clubs made up half of the 20 nominations before the match. Neither the Germans nor the players of the Bundesliga are on the candidate list.

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She is the third winner of the Spanish National Player Trophy, which has been awarded to women since 2018. Following in the footsteps of Norwegian Ada Heatherberg from Olympic Lyon in 2019 was American Megan Robinho from OL Rein. In the previous year, the prize was not awarded due to infection.

Ten best players

1. Alexia Butellos (FC Barcelona, ​​Sturm)
2. Jennifer Hermoso (FC Barcelona, ​​Midfield)
3. Sam Kerr (FC Chelsea, Sturm)
4. Vivian Midema (Arsenal WFC, Sturm)
5. League Martens (FC Barcelona, ​​Sturm)
6. Christine Sinclair (Portland Thorns, Sturm)
7. Bernil HardeR (FC Chelsea, Sturm)
8. Ashley Lawrence (PSG, Midfield)
9. Jesse Fleming (Chelsea FC, Midfield)
10. Fran Kirby (FC Chelsea, Sturm)


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