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Rapper Bushido blames himself

Rapper Bushido blames himself

BerlinRapper Bushido accuses himself of endangering his family through a previous working relationship with a clan known to the police. “I have these people, this entourage and this culture, which to some extent corresponds to the solitary forest men, you brought them into their lives,” Bushido said in a joint interview with his wife Anna Maria Verschi on Thursday on Bild TV. “This pisses me off.”

Bushido is a joint plaintiff in an ongoing trial against clan leader Arafat A. In the Berlin Regional Court, where his wife has already been heard as a witness. It relates to alleged crimes against Bushido, whose real name is Anis Ferchichi.

The family was under police protection for nearly three years. The couple report that that has changed a lot. Bushido used to write lyrics and make fun of the police. The musician said that the criminal police office on the ground would take care of him and his family today. “They make sure we’re not afraid.” The musician asserted over three years and adheres to every rule. It doesn’t even stop wrong anymore. “I don’t want more stress.”

Bushido’s wife, Anna Maria Versici, is expecting triplets soon

His heavily pregnant wife Anna Maria Vercchi stood by his side during the interview. She described the condition of her three unborn children as stable. “Thank God the kids are fine, the tide has turned completely,” she said in a TV interview. At the beginning of August, for example, Bushido reported complications during pregnancy. At the time, he wrote in an Instagram story that they feared for the life of one of their unborn children.

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At the moment, the following applies: “Everyone is stable, everyone is taken care of, and everyone is expected to be born healthy,” Anna Maria Verschi said. On Bild TV, Bushido and his wife, who came to the studio with a big bump, provided insight into their private lives. Bushido said he respected his wife very much. “I don’t think I can take it for an hour,” he said, referring to the triplets being pregnant.


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