PS5 disc release with new model number spotted in Australia •

A new PS5 model has been discovered in Australian stores. It is a disc version with an improved screw.

In July, Sony released the first version of the next-generation console. According to a proper manual, the digital version of the PS5 should be 300g lighter and use a special screw with which you can attach the console to the included stand.

In Australia, this new model is said to have been spotted in the store – but in the disc version, such as the Australian website Press the start button mentioned. The current stocks of the PS5, which were received in Australia this week, are said to have the new model number CFI-1102A, according to the site.

As a guide, Press Start provides a photo of the new model number as well as a comparison photo of the old metal screw and the new screw, which can even be used for tool-free mounting thanks to the grooved plastic surface. So it looks like Sony made this change for the more expensive disc version as well.

Lie down or stand up? what do you prefer?

The Australian website confirmed this information by a customer. The site has yet to verify the weight of the new PlayStation 5. Nothing can be said about the inner values ​​of the newborn unit either.

From now on, all other PS5 consoles for gamers in Australia should be this new model. Let’s see how long it will take before we can see the improved version here in Germany.

The new digital model is said to have the model number CFI-1100B, and the original model bears the CFI-1000B number and weighs only 3.6kg instead of 3.9kg. In Japan, a slimmer version of the PS5 mini will be introduced in the upcoming sales round.

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While some gamers are still waiting to pick up one of Sony’s rare consoles (hello!), the manufacturer is already sending out new models to some markets. There is no trace of an official announcement.

However, these results are not surprising, because Sony already talked about potential hardware changes in April and said in May that a specific PS5 model was planned for 2022. No one would mind if that model appeared a little earlier, right?


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