Amiga Workbench - Start the Amiga User Interface on Windows 11 or 10

For example, we already have Windows 95 as a software interface. But what about the Amiga? Surely some of you will still be able to remember the time.

Silvester72 has been on the Amiga Workbench for two years now, so it can also be started and executed under Windows 10 and Windows 11 (both x64 only). Amiga Workbench can be installed and run normally. You can get a look how it was back then. But it can also start “normal” programs installed under Windows 11/10. But the process is a little different than what you are used to in current operating systems.

In October there was a video of the preview version. Almost no different from the final version published on December 24. He appeared. On December 28, version 1.0.1 came later with some bug fixes. But it’s wonderful. If you have a long time today or in the new year, just give it a try.

During installation, Defender went crazy for me. There was nothing left but to deactivate the real-time protection for a moment. The message is rated low because Defender does not know the software. But then it worked. Just to see what it was like back then, it’s a great, great job. At the time I had C64 “only”. You can exit the Amiga Workbench at the top left with a right click.

Information and download:

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