PS5 buy: PlayStation Direct with renewal in April - this week already?

You can also get a stress-free PS5 via PlayStation Direct. But when will Sony finally introduce indoor console supplies again? current situation.

Update from 04/05/2022 at 12:50 PMPlayStation Direct is still quiet at the moment, but it appears Conrad is offering the PS5 as a bundle in some local markets. You can learn more about this here: Buy PS5: Conrad is now selling PS5 – hit it fast

The original message from April 4, 2022: Hamburg, Germany – Even in the spring of 2022, the PS5, which many are hunting, was and will continue to be in short supply. After a long dry period, there have finally been a few drops again in the past two weeks, but it’s just a drop in an ocean and it can’t even cover the demand. Many potential buyers are still eagerly awaiting the next drop, hoping that they will finally be able to secure Sony’s latest console. Sony itself is currently one of the most promising candidates for the renewal – with its PlayStation Direct sales. This is the current situation with the new consoles.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Write Fixed game console
generation 09. Console generation
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
Release 19. November 2020

Buy PS5: This is PlayStation Direct – Buy Direct from Sony

How to buy PS5 from PlayStation Direct: In principle, everything works very easily and does not require much explanation. All you have to do is sign up for PlayStation Direct from Sony using your PSN account beforehand Register for sale Then just wait and keep your fingers crossed to yourself.

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Once a new console goes on sale on PlayStation Direct, Sony will inform a few randomly selected participants via email about the upcoming PS5 drop, after which you can safely purchase a PlayStation 5 directly from Sony on the said date. So PS Direct is a hassle-free direct purchase from Sony by invitation – if you’re lucky and honored. However, sometimes, this is followed by open sales – presumably from the remaining stock.

And speaking of sales: If you don’t want to miss any sales, please visit the PS5 live bar regularly. There we at will always keep you updated regarding the state of PS5 general supply in the current week.

Buy PS5: PlayStation Direct with Good Supply Prospects – Posted on April 4th.

© Sony / Unsplash

Can you improve the odds in PS Direct? It is not known how Sony proceeds with the invitation and selection of participants in the sale of PlayStation Direct. The stochastic principle seems to prevail. However, some are skeptical about the preference of loyal and active PlayStation users (eg with a PS Plus membership). However, this is an unproven speculation. Officially, there is nothing you can do that affects your chances in any other way than by subscribing to PlayStation Direct.

Buying PS5: PlayStation Direct’s current show mode – when will there finally be new consoles?

When was the last time you could buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct? Sony has been offering new PS5 supplies via PlayStation Direct since November 2021 – at regular and monthly intervals. From the very beginning in Germany, not a month did not pass empty-handed. The last time you could buy a PS5 directly from Sony was on March 17th.

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What is the current state of PS5 supplies on PlayStation Direct? If Sony maintains its previous direct selling pattern, you will be able to buy PS5 again via PlayStation Direct in April 2022. And you better keep your eyes open for now. Because while there are usually new supplies at the end of the month, there was also a sales campaign at the beginning of the month (December 3, 2021). In short: there should be a supply this month – maybe this young week or the last week of April. Prospects are definitely good, keep your eyes open!

By the way, in this analysis we’ve once again summarized the dealers with the most promising forecast for PS5 supplies in the new week that started today: PS5 Buying: Availability from April 4th. – These merchants are especially hot right now

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