Removing DRM is supposed to eliminate stuttering

Resident Evil Village is a very good game. At least when you read the many reviews from critics too players want to believe. Despite this, the title on PC suffers from some performance issues, which cause a lot of frustration. Capcom hasn’t fixed these issues yet, but video game pirates have now managed to crack the title. By removing all DRM metrics, the title should now play more smoothly.

How dark side of berichtet game, The PC version of Resident Evil Village has become (Buy now ) It was recently hacked by EMPRESS, a relatively well known name in the field. Now that the title has been hacked, any player, provided they know how, can download the title and play it without DRM.

to me Message from Empress Capcom uses both Denuvo and its own DRM technology. All of these copy protection measures are allegedly supposed to have ensured that Resident Evil Village had a fairly discreet performance on PC:

“All stutters in the game have been resolved, for example when killing zombies, because DRM has been removed from Capcom. Most of these functions are no longer implemented. The result is a much smoother gaming experience.”

The Dark Side of Gaming recently tested the cracked version of Resident Evil Village for a few hours and confirmed that the title runs smoother and is a more enjoyable experience overall:

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“Even the catacombs of the castle of Lady Dimitrescu, an area known for its tremors, were running very smoothly.”

in one Video of the Editor-in-Chief by DSOG You can check out the DRM-free version of Resident Evil 8 by yourself. For comparison you can use the file Watch the video of the regular version on the RTX 3080.

At this year’s E3, Capcom announced that it was already working on the first Resident Evil Village DLC. We haven’t received much information about the new DLC, but maybe with the release of this you’ll also make some improvements to your PC version.

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