Home entertainment Paralympics: An interactive Google doodle for the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo (video)

Paralympics: An interactive Google doodle for the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo (video)

Paralympics: An interactive Google doodle for the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo (video)
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After the Olympics ended, he Games for people with special needs, which is again accompanied by a very nice interactive Google Doodle. Doodle should look familiar to many users, because it’s the same idea with the same game, but with some bonus levels and hidden extra levels. So you can gamble again.

Paralympic Games 2021 Google Doodle

Google doodle at the beginning Games for people with special needs It shows a typical Japanese-inspired image (from a European perspective): a typical building, characters, manga superhero, Fujijama or another mountain in the background and of course the look of the lanes. At the bottom there are references to gaming disciplines, which have also been implemented in Google Doodle and can be played. It’s exactly the same doodles that were used in the Olympic Games.

The whereabouts of Google Letters need no further explanation. In the center of the doodle there is a pulsating play button, which the user can press a lot of time to start the fun. First, the embedded video plays in the next paragraph, which is a brief introduction to the doodles and also the Paralympics. Then you find yourself in a classic game from the early 90s with 2D graphics and you have to guide the character through the worlds, which have many challenges in the store.

These challenges consist of visiting individual stations and completing disciplines there, from table tennis to rugby. The level of difficulty is not really high, but you still have to spend several minutes to gamble with your doodles. When all missions are completed, the ship can go and the adventure ends. With the new edition of the Paralympic Games, there are some extra levels and bonus levels.

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The Paralympic Games, also known as the Paralympic Games, are international sports competitions for athletes with physical disabilities based on the idea of ​​the Olympic Games.

The Paralympics, organized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), are divided into the Summer Paralympics and the Winter Paralympics. The Summer and Winter Games are held regularly at the same locations every four years immediately after the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

Paralympic sports and their first classes are globally recognized, categorized and organized into competitions for athletes at the global and continental level.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Summer Olympics as well as the Paralympic Games have been postponed to August 24 to September 5, 2021. Due to the pandemic, most of the Paralympic Games will be held without spectators.

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