Home Top News OK: Werder split with Goffelt – Schaff takes charge

OK: Werder split with Goffelt – Schaff takes charge

OK: Werder split with Goffelt – Schaff takes charge

After the 2-0 defeat against Oxburg on Saturday, Werder Bremen took action and released the coach on Sunday morning.

Werder coach Florian Coffeld looks upwards with some uncertainty as he leaves the interior of the Augsburg ground.
After three-and-a-half years as head coach at Werter Bremen, Florian Goffelt is now over.

Image: Nortpoto / Gumsmedia

It has already been pointed out on Saturday evening that Werder Bremen will go to the final against Gladbach without Florian Goffelt. The club confirmed the separation move on Sunday morning.

This decision is supported by the Werder Oversight Committee and management; Sports Director Frank Bowman exchanged views with the teams.

Unfortunately, after the game in Oxburg, we did not believe we could continue with Florian Kofelt. That’s why we discussed this with the evening teams after the game and finally came to this conclusion. We still firmly believe that Florian Goffelt is a great coach, but we have now agreed to make another change in order to achieve more exit.

Werter Sports Director Frank Bowman

Thomas Schaff will be in charge until the end of this season

Thomas Schaefer, Werter's technical director, leaves Weser Stadium
Werder’s technical director Thomas Schaff will accept the team for the season final against Gladbach and the team’s exit.

Image: Gumsmedia | Andreas Comes

Thomas Schaff, heir to the cove. The 60-year-old, who has already coached Werter Bremen for 14 years, won the doubles title with the Green-Whites in 2004 and will visit an isolated training camp in Parsinghouse on Sunday to watch the team final stage of the season.

In addition to his team of former coaches, he is backed by his assistant coach, Wolfgang Rolf. It was agreed with Schaff that the commitment was limited to the last Bundesliga game and possible games in exile.

Schaff knows the challenge

Bowman believes Schaff can use his experience to convey “absolute confidence and absolute will” to the team for the decisive game next Saturday, in which Werder may even face a direct exit.

He succeeded in rescuing them in 1999, during which time he led the way to stay in the Bremen League, winning the DFP Cup a few days later. Schaf is well aware of the great challenge and lack of time.

Of course this is a big challenge, but we have every chance we can to stay in the league. We don’t have much time, but we will do everything we can to get into the game with enthusiasm, confidence, and confidence in our own strength and eventually win.

Werder’s interim coach is Thomas Schaff

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