Home Top News The United States has officially rejoined the Paris Agreement

The United States has officially rejoined the Paris Agreement

The United States has officially rejoined the Paris Agreement

The United States, led by the new president, has rejoined the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement. This happened last Friday, while the new cabinet reaffirmed its ambitious emissions reduction plans for the next three decades.

The United States officially led by former President Donald Trump since the Paris Agreement Resigned In November 2020. Reconnected news was brought in by a news portal this week Reuters. President Biden fulfilled his election promise, announcing that he would rejoin the climate deal in the first few weeks of his government.

Access to the contract took significantly less time than its previous conclusion. At a virtual conference for the United States on Friday, Climate Ambassador John Kerry spoke on behalf of the United States, promising that the new cabinet would do everything in its power to compensate for President Trump’s inaction on international climate policy.

Biden’s climate policy aims to move the United States towards carbon neutrality by 2050. In his (so far) short term, the new president has signed twenty presidential decrees related to climate change. At the Glasgow Climate Conference in November of this year, Kerry announced that the United States would present aggressive national commitments to play a significant role in fulfilling the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The former foreign minister promised to bring China on the joint negotiating table, which would be a strategic partner for the United States in the climate sector.

Despite the excitement over the US return to the Paris Agreement, international climate ambassadors say the way forward is not easy.

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The Biden cabinet’s climate goals will face significant political challenges domestically and opposition from fossil fuel companies. Foreign officials are relatively skeptical of the new president’s ambitious plans.

The United States is the only state so far to have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. Since its final terms were ratified in Paris in 2015, it has been ratified by nearly 200 countries around the world, and the agreement has become one of the fastest accepted international agreements in history. However, according to President Trump, US participation was not in their favor and therefore withdrew.

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