Home entertainment Nadia Abdel-Faraj: Hot! Send Christmas greetings – topless!

Nadia Abdel-Faraj: Hot! Send Christmas greetings – topless!

Nadia Abdel-Faraj: Hot!  Send Christmas greetings – topless!

Whether it’s pictures or short videos: Nadia Abdel-Farraj, 56, former girlfriend of music producer and former DSDS Chief Justice Dieter Bohlen, 67, knows how to keep the talking. The previous post had “I’m a star – get me out of here!” That already endured hard times and debt, but it seems to have come to the corner.

Annoying video on Instagram! You can see the clip that Nadja recently used to piss off her fans in the video above.

She shows herself over and over with a bright smile and protests how happy she is at the moment. This is also supported by Nadja’s current Instagram post, which she posted on December 19 and totally teased her around 11,600 fans.

Topless needlewomen: the former Dieter Bohlen appeared freely on the net

The attractive 56-year-old shared a hot souvenir photo of herself on her Instagram account, in which she smiled for the camera in only a slim outfit. Hard to miss: Nadia was photographed topless, only covering her breasts with both hands. A scene that leaves no room for imaginations! “Happy Birthday, 2021,” the reality TV star wrote. Under this post she added: “Everything, all the best to you in Advent.”

The fans reacted enthusiastically to the picture of Nadia Abdel-Faraj while she was naked

And Nadia Abdel-Farraj’s followers in particular looked very happy and commented diligently on the photo. So someone wrote enthusiastically: “Very attractive.” Another commented: “Very exciting” https://www.bunte.de/stars/star-life/stars-privat/. “Farewell Germany” star Marion “Krummel” Pfaff (47) gleefully responded to Nadels’ Christmas greetings: “Happy Holidays!!!”

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