These are the other candidates

On ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’, these bachelors went home without a rose. Second Chance for the Next TV Love: “Bachelor in Heaven.” You may not even know some of the new candidates.

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Those were the days when “The Bachelor” was shown only on television. I felt a long time ago. Then she turned the tables with The Bachelorette. And since 2018, anyone who didn’t like the formats can try again. In Bachelor in Heaven, participants from both shows get to know each other. This is also known as the “rest slope”. Now there are new candidates for next season. In addition, RTL announced a rule change that could make the format more interesting.

These are the new candidates

Judith Diaz from last year’s “Bachelor” season, Romina Beck from the 2016 edition and Sania Alina from the Swiss version will also participate. Fabienne Gierke tried it in 2017. Angie Teubner, who already wanted to win the Rosenkavalier in 2018 and tried it again on Swiss TV in 2020, hopes to fall in love with great TV in Heaven..

New men were also chosen to be in heaven. Florian Hausdorfer and David Taylor, both of whom couldn’t get Gerda Lewis’ bachelors in 2019. Lorick Bangaku was recently fired from the current season of The Bachelor. Alex Gerrard tried his luck in 2020. With Emile Yanim there is primitive rock “The Bachelor”. He wanted to get the last rose from Anna Karina Neuhofer in 2014, but he came home too soon.

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But now it’s getting hot: even people who don’t have a history of TV dating are allowed to participate. While some of the participants have already known each other in the past few shows, at least these two newcomers to Heaven will be unknown. Donya Dardmand and Miro Slavov are singles who “didn’t hand out roses or get them yet — but they were pretty close to it,” as RTL explained in an Instagram post.


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