Mumford & Sons loses one of its members - critics smell 'abolition of culture'

Updated on June 28, 2021, 9:14 PM

  • In a tweet, Winston said MarshallBanjo player from the popular band Mumford & sonsConservative, controversial author book.
  • Then he faced heavy criticism and left the band.
  • A clear case of “abolition of culture” for critics.

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British band Mumford & sons, which was founded in 2007, thanks to its exemplary popular voice banjo sound It brought to world fame several platinum albums. The banjo player now has a winston Marshall Throwed in the towel and left the band.

However, the conflict that preceded this move has nothing to do with the band’s musical direction nor with the disagreements between the members. Rather, the musician was subjected to severe criticism on social media after his tweet.

In March it was Marshall He said positively about the book on his Twitter account. Its title isNot convincingIt comes from Andy survive. The controversial conservative writer criticizes the anti-fascist and leftist protest movements. survive Featured via videos of demonstrations; However, there are always criticisms of his reports. Among other things, you will Accused of rapprochement with right-wing groups.

Marshall He praised the book in his tweet, survive He congratulated him and called him a “brave man.” Then there was the heavy criticism. at His recently published statement Marshall writes of “tens of thousands of angry tweets and comments”.

Marshall Continue: I did not expect that my remarks on a book critical of left-wing extremism could be interpreted as approving an equally appalling right-wing extremism.

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Marshall: I don’t want to censor myself

The musician describes in additional context from the script how his bandmates and their families were attacked, and then initially apologized. However, this move only led to more attacks – now not only because of the original tweet, but also because of the apology itself.

The incident made him realize that any future comment on “controversial issues” would “inevitably cause problems” for his bandmates. He made his decision: “My love, loyalty, and responsibility to you do not allow this. I can stay and continue to censor myself, but that would undermine my integrity.”

For some media, such as the British”telegraph“, he is Marshall In doing so, it becomes a victim of the so-called “abolition of culture”. This describes criticism of public figures accused of alleged or actual insults or discrimination. frequently Connected Seeking to fire them from offices or jobs.

At the beginning of the year there was a case of Jenna Carano cause a stir. Impersonate the 38-year-old in the Disney series “The Mandalorian” Way Dune. After an alleged comparison to Nazism in a social media post, production company Lucasfilm . threw Carano Outside.

By was there for كان Marshall But especially a lot of applause. His father tweeted that he was proud of his son. pol Marshall He is not only a proud father, but he is also a hedge fund manager and financier of the new British TV station GB News. He wants to position himself as the opposite pole of the BBC and he has done so cancel culture Battle announced. Former BBC presenter Andrew Nile, now head of the news department at GB, already announcedYou “give a voice to those who feel pushed to the side or silenced.”

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