A new set of delta variant has been discovered in Ballaison



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Haute-Savoie: a new batch of Delta variant discovered at Ballaison
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Another delta cluster for Covid-19 has been detected in France, this time located in Haute-Savoie, in the town of Balisson. At least four people from the same family were infected.

The information was published on Sunday, June 27: Group of delta variant of Covid-19 discovered in Ballaison Haute-Savoie, a town of 1,500 inhabitants near Switzerland. Four people from the same family were injured. As of Monday morning, an ephemeral screening center has been set up to allow residents to be screened. The city’s mayor (different right), Christoph Sunjon, wants to be reassured. “Nothing serious, just knowing where we are in town more or less”, he says to passersby.

At the same time, the town is summoning old people who have not been vaccinated one by one to try to persuade them. “From tomorrow afternoon, in the village hall, a vaccination center will be set up, with the Pfizer vaccine, for people who wish to be vaccinated (…), without an appointment”Christophe Seungon confirms. The show will run throughout the afternoon of Monday, June 28. Even people who have already been vaccinated are welcome to attend. “When we are vaccinated, we are certainly protected, but that does not mean that we are not carriers or carriers of the virus,” explain Sarah Farhat, pharmacist at the Red Cross.


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