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Liz Hurley (56) – Of course, without a bra – people

Actress Liz Hurley doesn’t really know what to do with bras. Better throw herself in a bikini instead – now she’s saying hello topless.

Topless, the Brit once again feeds her favorite Instagram feed. They only wear bikini bottoms, a silver heart necklace and a light kimono. Hurley poses in innocent white in front of an exposed wall, while her fans warm up like hell upon seeing them.

Sweaty summer weather on vacation? No – Liz would rather stay home in this outfit. Under the photo you write: “Stay with me.”

She’s probably not alone in her country house, after all, someone has to take all the Instagram shots. The “The Royals” star has already revealed that Damien’s 19-year-old son often has to play her photographer.

“Who needs a view of the sea when we can run this beautiful, ageless creature,” Instagram users agree.

The feast also attracted the eyes: Elizabeth

It also attracted a feast to the eyes: Elizabeth “Liz” Hurley with her son Damien about a week ago Photo: ddp socialmediaservice

How does Liz, who celebrated her 56th birthday on June 10, keep in great shape? Thanks to the cleaning and housework. The Brit swears by the little drills of cleaning, climbing stairs and gardening.

In her seven million euro mansion with 13 bedrooms in Herefordshire, England, there are a few corners to be kept in good condition.

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