Home entertainment Massimo Senato cancels “Let’s Dance” tour

Massimo Senato cancels “Let’s Dance” tour

Massimo Senato cancels “Let’s Dance” tour

Massimo Senato was supposed to float on the dance floor for “Let’s Dance” tour in November. But now the professional dancer had to cancel his participation in the show in a short time and quite surprisingly for his fans.

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Half a year after Rúrik Gíslason danced “Dancing Star 2021” with Renata Lusin, the winning couple continues their “Let’s Dance” tour. The kick-off will be given at Riesa on November 2.

In addition to the former football player and professional dancer, there will also be stars such as “Prince Charming” star Nicholas Buschmann, actress Valentina Bahdi and singer Luca Hanni. Professionals include dancers such as Christina Luft or Marta Arndt.

“Let’s Dance” again without Massimo Senato

Massimo Senato, who has been part of “Let’s Dance” for over ten years, should be there as well. But a few days before the premiere, it is clear: the 40-year-old will not be able to participate in the tour.

“I was really looking forward to the upcoming ‘Let’s Dance’ live tour, but unfortunately I have to cancel my participation for health reasons,” the professional dancer said in a statement to his fans. “Don’t worry, I’m feeling better again, but unfortunately I’m not fit enough for competitive sports.”

Almost four weeks into the tour

He wishes his colleagues and all the guests a lot of fun on the tour. It starts on November 2nd in Riesa, then looks forward to Hannover, Hamburg and Leipzig. The tour ends in Dusseldorf on November 28.

Massimo Senato did not dance in the regular show that was televised in 2021. Reason for stopping as a professional dancer: He became a father for the first time while filming. His wife, Rebecca Meir, gave birth to a baby boy in April.

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