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Move in Battlefield 2042 as in Battlefield V

Move in Battlefield 2042 as in Battlefield V

Battlefield 2042 not only offers a modern environment, but also brings many innovations. For one feature, though, DICE would like to consciously regress to a previous game. The action sequences in Battlefield 2042 should build on the successful Battlefield V system.

Compared to the games that came before it, Battlefield V made a huge leap when it comes to your character’s potential. The system makes movement smoother and more authentic because it better adapts to the environment. The rising water makes moving your legs visibly cumbersome, as you stumble every now and then on uneven ground and the grass reacts to your movements.

This happy news was brought up by game engineer Nils Stollinga reddit agreed. Using his alias lytlbt1t, he commented in a thread about the upcoming motion system.

“We are definitely building on the work we’ve done for BFV and keeping feedback on these mechanics in mind while adding/improving the feature set” as a bug in the movement system but also in the map design, Stoelinga wrote, rating players stuck in the Battlefield V environment in another comment.

“Both. Developers have to accept that levels are not 100% smooth, and level designers/artists have to remember that code cannot remove any jagged edges. It is a balancing act between visual fidelity and smooth traversal.” I think we were on the right track with BFV, we just have to be careful about potential problem areas.”

While the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise doesn’t look what DICE had hoped, the title can at least shine with its action system.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and next-generation consoles PS5, Xbox Series X, and S.

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