'Man Alive Attraction': A man can (not) be this beautiful - folks

Well trained body, casual, cool, intelligent, adventurous type and very successful. Everyone named “Sexiest Man Alive” by American magazine “People” tops the list in Hollywood.

The award was awarded for the 37th time this week – to American actor Paul Rudd (52, “Ant-Man”). He fits the zeitgeist perfectly, he’s neither too muscular nor incredibly good-looking. But just a great guy.

And they were all great, whether it was Tom Cruise (59), Dwayne Johnson (49), Hugh Jackman (53), Matthew McConaughey (52), Sean Connery (90) or Mel Gibson (65).

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With this choice, not only the outer values ​​are calculated, but the inner ones as well. By the way, the hottest man of the past three years has been black, and the first man in 1996 was Denzel Washington (66). For Hollywood, that was the Stone Age in terms of diversity.

Paul Road

Paul Rudd is currently the chosen one. His smile, restraint and green eyes were decisive factors for the jury. Rod was surprised. “I see myself more as a husband and a father. But I hope to be invited to an exciting dinner with Clooney and Pete now.”

Rod's boyish charm fades well.  However, the actor does not seem to be growing up

Rod’s boyish charm fades well. However, the actor does not seem to be growing upPhoto: Mario Anzoni/Reuters

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was 29 when he first received the award in 1985. The “People” reporter is said to have looked at the actor’s photos from “Mad Max,” “Menschen am Fluss” and “Die Bounty” when he suddenly said: This is “the sexiest man alive”.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery (here in 1962 got into the movie

Sean Connery (here in 1962 in “James Bond – 007 Chasing Dr. No”) took the award with nearly 60Photo: Imago Pictures/Everett Group

Sean Connery was in 1989 with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” at 59. At the time, Connery, who was one of the best actors of his era, joked, “Now I’m going down the slope. “

Richard Gere

1990: Richard Gere and Julia Roberts (now 54) in the classic film

1990: Richard Gere and Julia Roberts (now 54) in the classic “Pretty Woman”Photo: imago / Milestone Media

Won the title twice (1993 with Cindy Crawford, Day 55, as “The Sexiest Couple” and 1999): Richard Gere (Day 72).

“I was 50 when they gave me the award,” says The Pretty Womanizer. “It just didn’t make sense to me.”

Hugh Jackman

He can sing, dance and act. That’s how Hugh Jackman took the title in 2008. “I had chicken legs,” says the 53-year-old. “Brad Pitt probably hasn’t had time this year,” his wife Deborah Lee said awkwardly.

Adam Levine

Maaron-5 singer Adam Levine

Maaron-5 singer Adam LevinePhoto: Getty Images

Visually, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine (42 years old) impressed not only with his stellar body, but also his tattoo. His reaction to the 2013 headline: “As a musician who wants to win Grammys, I wasn’t expecting it, it’s surreal and funny.”

Photo: BUILD

Idris Elba |

Mega Fit: Idris Elba

Mega Fit: Idris Elba Photo: Instagram / Splash News

British actor Idris Elba has long been considered the most optimistic of Bond’s successors. He will have one thing before Daniel Craig (53): in 2018 he became “the sexiest man alive”. “It’s an ego boost,” says the actor. “My mom is very, very proud.”

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