Crime in Ludwigshafen: HC Elbflorenz scores a point with the owls!

What a great match in HC Elbflorenz vs Eulen Ludwigshafen! Shortly before the end of the match, the hosts managed to equalize.

Ludwigshafen – Head coach was Rico Judd with his team HC Elbflorenz He hopes for a surprise at Ludwigshafen’s owl. It was (unfortunately) not very big. But Dresden won at least one point with 32:32 in the Bundesliga.

Renee Zobel.  (archive image)

Renee Zobel. (File photo) © Lutz Hentschel

The early stages of the match were very balanced. The owls set a goal, the Dresdeners responded.

After 12 minutes, Julius Derberg gave HCE the first lead with a score of 7:6, as it was Derberg who scored 11:7 midway through the first half.

The hosts followed the lead without success until the end of the first half. With 17:14 for Florence on the Elbe he went to the cabins.

The HC Elbflorenz mini team should work in Hamm: "Make the most of the site!"
HC Elbflorenz
The HC Elbflorenz mini-team should work in Hamm: “Make the most of the site!”

Ludwigshafen started strong in the second half and equalized with a seven-meter throw from new national player Hendrik Wagner to 22:22 (40).

Now it was a fight on the fly. Dresden advanced several times with one goal. 52 seconds before the end was 32:31.

The owls took another break and at the last minute they still recorded 32:32.

The best shooters from Dresden were Lukas Wucherpvenig and Rene Zobel with 6 hits each.


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