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Nintendo announces the real ages of its players

Nintendo announces the real ages of its players

Kyoto, Japannintendo Omar first time Nintendo Switch Reveal the player in the form of a graph. The age of most players is not where one would expect. It shouldn’t just be the age at which the majority of players are nintendo surprises.

Graphics speak volumes

nintendo It is often accused of being a children’s console. Adventures that seem so childish Super MarioAnd donkey kong or Kirby to be. However, someone teaches us nintendo A published graph showing the true age of their clients, for the better. It’s the first time this has been done nintendo Tell us about the age of their clients.

Nintendo Switch: The Age of Games - © Nintendo;  Image source: nintendo.co.jp

What is the age of most players?

most of them Nintendo Switch The owners are exactly 21 years old. Surprisingly, the majority of the age groups are between 20 and 40 years old. This is where the majority of Nintendo Switch There is no player in children and adolescents, but unexpectedly in adults.

What about children and teens?

From the age of 5, the curve begins to rise until the age of 12. This means that children from the fifth birthday onwards have a Nintendo Switch to receive. However, this curve has stagnated since the age of twelve. Which means that a file nintendo Console appeals to less teens and very little new at this age Nintendo Switch Players join them.

Nintendo Switch - © Nintendo

Nintendo Switch – The console is on its way to becoming Nintendo’s bestselling home console. – © Nintendo

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At what age does enthusiasm return?

Just before they get older, at the age of 16 and 17, does enthusiasm come to them nintendo The console hybrid is backwards and then up sharply until it rises to its absolute peak of 21. The curve then flattens out from the top, albeit very slowly, and remains in the upper range for all age groups for two decades until players are 40. most of them are from Nintendo Switch player!

Are there players 40 or older?

From a little over 40, the curve drops to the same height as 20-year-olds and from there it continues to flatten out constantly, so that for 60-year-olds it hasn’t gone away yet, but it’s very severe a little. This shows that by that age, the number was about 90 million Nintendo Switch Quite a few owners up to 60 years old Nintendo Switch Players out there, but surprisingly many.

Those over 60 still play

Since the curve has not yet appeared on Earth, it also means that you are over 60 years old Nintendo Switch Play. especially Nintendo Wii She addressed many retirees and even entire elderly homes in her time. so it was We Sports World champion bowling in the mid-eighties!

Nintendo Wii - © Nintendo

Nintendo Wii – Nintendo’s most successful home console that has appealed to all age groups. – © Nintendo

Nintendo Switch was born

Of course, all these age groups, from children to teens, adults and retired people seriously play with their category Nintendo Switch Control unit. It is interesting, however, that most players have the greatest enthusiasm for the current one nintendo Console between 20 and 40 years old.

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What is the reason for all this?

The Japanese have been able to create so many beautiful memories with their video games since the 80’s and that’s how they talk nintendo their older fans, with their products again and again. Video games have one thing nintendo Together from the start: high quality and timeless. This is how last year’s kids stay true to their heroes.

if nintendo If the core continues as before, the number of players will remain higher in the coming decades, even with age, as the generation at that time will continue to grow with age nintendo Consoles that want to pass the time.

Nearly 93 million have been sold so far Nintendo Switch Consoles, Hybrid console in the fast lane. It will probably be the same next year Nintendos Hot selling main console Nintendo Wii With over 101 million units sold.

from all Nintendo Switch Owners use one third of what’s on offer nintendo switch online.

Unfortunately, there could be 6 million at the moment Nintendo Switch Keyboards are not produced due to lack of chips.

those: nintendo.co.jp


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