Mac Studio and M2 chip rumors

Apple called its first event for 2022 and the official slogan “Peek Performance” suggests it’s about 5G (for iPhone SE and iPad Air) and M-Chips (for Mac). Appropriately, the rumor mill is on the boil right now.

Is Apple Mac Studio Coming?

at 9TO5Mac Did you get a Mac Studio possible in the room on the weekend, which should be a mix of Mac mini and Mac Pro. So the Mac is small in size, which is a little bigger than the Mac mini, but has more power.


Apple Mac Mini M1 head

This new Mac will likely get the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which we already know from the 2021 MacBook Pro. However, a third option is said to be planned, which will bring more power (even more than possible with a stationary Mac) .

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a “built-in Mac Pro” with M chips, but will we see it tomorrow? In any case, the Apple event will be useful for your brand new Mac (and potentially a display).

Is the Apple M2 coming?

It might also be interesting at this point: According to Mark Gorman, Apple is already testing the M2 chip with several Macs. That doesn’t mean we’ll see it at an Apple event, but it’s definitely an option.

The Apple M2 is supposed to be the Apple M1, with a bit more power. However, it will not come close to the performance of the M1 Pro or even the M1 Max. Apple could use the M2 in the new MacBook Air or iPad Pro coming in 2022.

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Mark Gorman backtracks from the announcement prediction and no Apple M2 is up in the air for tomorrow, but that’s a possibility, otherwise why is Apple testing the chip with macOS 12.3?

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