Fearing Putin - ARD and ZDF no longer report from Moscow - politics abroad

More and more media stop reporting from Moscow.

After Britain’s BBC, Canada’s CBC and Bloomberg News, it is now followed by ARD and ZDF.

Following the passage of the new Russian media law, public broadcasters have temporarily halted reporting from their Moscow studios – according to a statement from WDR, which is in charge of the Moscow studio on behalf of ARD.

From their other sites, the broadcasters will continue to “provide the audience with comprehensive information about what is happening in Russia and Ukraine.”

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CNN has announced that it will stop broadcasting its news program on Russian television. Bild remains on site with chief correspondent Peter Ted.

background: Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian invasion, the Russian parliament on Friday passed a law providing harsh prison sentences for unfavorable reporting on the Russian military.

Thus, imprisonment for up to 15 years threatens to spread “false news” about the military. Foreigners are also affected by the law, which Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) signed into law on Friday.

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