New concern about Cristiano Ronaldo after the derby defeat

New concern about Cristiano Ronaldo after the derby defeat

Fighting for Manchester United Champions League spot is heating up. The clear defeat in the derby against City rivals City exacerbates the situation. The absence of Cristiano Ronaldo also plays a role.

Sunday afternoon in Manchester is a sure thing. Pep Cardiola’s “Skyplus” dominated Ralph Ranknick’s United opponents at will. More possession, more shots on goal, more goals. Man United did not overtake any important statistic.

Previously there was distrust among “Red Devils” fans. In addition to Mason Greenwood (sexual abuse investigation), Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo were injured. At Storm Center, Ranknick was only available to Marcus Rashford, who is currently out of shape. That’s why he pulled playmaker Bruno Fernandez to the front row.

But the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo had a stake just hours after the 4-1 defeat. Because the Portuguese with hip injuries were not even on the field. According to The Athletic, Ronaldo traveled home before the start of the game, among other things. He offered no moral support internally. The 37-year-old is said to be not going well with the team because he is actually one of the leading players on the team. Considering the importance of the game and the tense situation at the table, the absence did not come at a good time.

Manchester United’s next high-level game is already scheduled for next Saturday. Tottenham Hotspur then become a guest at Old Trafford with goal scorer Harry Kane. Not only can Ranknick get Ronaldo back later, but so can Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan has been training for three days. This is not enough for the game against Man City.


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