Linda Evangelista

The past five years have been hell for her! Model Linda Evangelista, 56, now admits nothing less in front of millions of people.

The reason: I had a terrible failure during a facelift!

“To my followers who have wondered why I am not working while my female colleagues are doing so well – the reason is that I was brutally mutilated by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting process, which did the opposite of what I promised,” She writes on her Instagram account.

What happened?

“It increased the size of my fat cells instead of shrinking them and permanently disfigured me, even though I had two painful and unsuccessful corrections.”

And it gets worse: The super-successful supermodel, who was a shining star alongside Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell in the fashion sky, has also had an obesity called paradoxical hyperplasia (PAH).

This must end now!

“I am tired of living like this. I want to walk out of my door with my head held high, even if I no longer look like me.”

Linda Evangelista nominated for designer John Galliano at the Dior show in 2007 (Image: Image Alliance/dpa)
Linda Evangelista nominated for designer John Galliano at the Dior show in 2007 (Image: Image Alliance/dpa)

The 10 sentences describing her condition must have been an amazing liberating blow to Linda Evangelista. The first comment on her highly personal engagement comes from fellow model Naomi Campbell. Bouquet of flowers to cover your back!

“I applaud you for your courage and strength, for sharing your experience and for no longer holding yourself hostage. You know I love you. We love you. We are always by your side. I can’t imagine the emotional pain you have had to go through for the past five years. Remind yourself of who you are.” And what you have achieved, your impact and everyone who has touched you and are still doing because you shared your story today. I am proud of you and will support you every step of the way.”

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For psychic Linda, these words are perhaps the best corrective surgery…


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