Home Economy Expo 2020: The Emirates Pavilion is ready to receive visitors » News | Hint

Expo 2020: The Emirates Pavilion is ready to receive visitors » News | Hint

Expo 2020: The Emirates Pavilion is ready to receive visitors » News |  Hint

The Emirates Pavilion is located in the Opportunity District and only a few minutes’ walk from the Al Wasl Dome. The multi-sensory interactive installations on two floors give visitors a glimpse into the future of commercial aviation and highlight the role science and technology will play in aviation over the next 50 years.

From now on, visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai can plan a tour of the Emirates Pavilion and book their preferred time in advance.

The future of civil aviation

Construction of the Emirates Pavilion began in March 2019 and was not completed until June 2021. The building follows a number of sustainability principles, with its overall structure made of harmless, regional, reusable and recyclable materials. In addition, the design includes various solutions to reduce energy and water consumption.

The facade of the four-story wing is modeled after the wings of an airplane, with 24 aluminum-clad slats that wrap around two sides of the building structure. The building’s exterior lighting includes an 800m LED system that glows vibrantly at night. Natural light floods the futuristic interior, which serves as a backdrop for immersive experiences. 120 visitors per hour can be received in the suite.

Visitor Experience Overview

The following await visitors to the Emirates Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai:

Collect “seeds”: The journey begins with collecting a “seed” that breaks down individual experiences. Thus begins a truly nuanced journey through the pavilion, where the visitor’s interactions, knowledge and experiences are recorded and finally reproduced in a multisensory finale.

Aeronautics: Educational visualizations with 3D models show how airplanes fly and how they show the physical properties of lift, thrust, gravity and drag.

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clean sky: The comprehensive installation ‘Cleaner Skies’ shows how future innovations are linked to some of the world’s biggest challenges: sustainability, population growth and technological progress. Visitors can also challenge each other to an interactive quiz about aviation technologies being developed to meet current and future challenges.

future lab: Visitors can enter the laboratory of the future and use robotic weapons to conduct experiments demonstrating the technologies that will make the aircraft of the future faster, lighter and more powerful.

Payment and Payment: I.Interactive screens display animations dealing with future propulsion and fuel technologies such as supersonic, hydrogen, hybrid and electric propulsion. The visualizations also illustrate the effects of these technologies on emissions, sustainability, comfort and speed using realistic aircraft engine models.

Design the perfect plane: Visitors can put their knowledge to the test, design and control their individual future aircraft. The ultra-tactile interface can be used to specify scope, engine type, wings and paintwork, and to receive feedback on design decisions. The flight simulator lets you pilot the plane yourself at the end of the day.

future airport: Emirates envisions the airport of the future so that visitors can see how biometrics, data analysis and smart technologies will transform the passenger experience on the ground.

Test the future: With interactive virtual reality headsets, visitors can immerse themselves in the cabins of the aircraft of the future. Navigate through the interactive windows of the virtual fuselage, travel without windows, and even try out different types of cabins and seat configurations.

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Seeds of the future: When each visitor finally returns their seed to be uploaded, the experience culminates in the Emirates Pavilion with a personalized 360-degree multi-sensor view. This includes dynamic storytelling, stunning 3D animation, and information recorded during the tour.

Experienced staff and Emirates cabin crew are available to answer questions and provide answers to visitors at the stand. The Emirates Pavilion is open daily from 10am to 10pm during Expo 2020 Dubai.

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