Astrazeneca relocates the company's headquarters from Wedel to Hamburg

Wedel / HamburgThe British-Swedish pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca wants to move its German headquarters from Wedel (Benberg region) to Hamburg, which is in the immediate vicinity. “Planning for this has been going on for more than two years. A company spokeswoman told dpa in Hamburg on Tuesday that the exact time for this step had not yet been set. Hamburger Abendblatt had previously been informed.

The spokeswoman added that the new website enables the group to continue to grow and implement modern business forms. “With this form of business combined with a modern and central location, we want to provide our employees with an attractive workplace and at the same time become more interesting for potential new talent.” .

The packaging plant in Fidel will be closed, 175 employees will be affected

At the end of the year, Astrazeneca will also close the plant in Videl, where the medicines are packaged. The move was also set for 2019 with the aim of meeting demand for the product, the spokeswoman said. End of production – the Astrazeneca vaccine against Covid-19 was not manufactured or packaged there – would affect 175 employees. A social plan and balance of interests will be implemented by the end of 2021.

Astrazeneca currently employs 900 people in Germany. In addition to 175 employees in production, there are about 350 administrative and field employees.

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