Helvetia spinoff wants to do paperwork for small and medium businesses

An insurance spin-off is rushing to help mid-sized and young companies run. But Helvetia’s show isn’t exactly altruistic.

Atlanto’s online platform, founded at the beginning of the year with the IFJ Institute for Young Enterprises and other partners, is now ready. as Helvetia St. Gallen Comprehensive Insurance Company It was announced on Tuesday that the subsidiary is offering a full suite of offerings designed to ease day-to-day administrative matters for small businesses and SMEs.

Customer loyalty to the goal

According to the announcement, the platform is digitizing administrative processes along the value chain, from order and supply management to offer and customer management (CRM) to financial accounting and time management. An action plan can also be drawn up.

Helvetia also benefits when SMEs have more time for their core business. On the other hand, Atlanto generates fee income. But above all, the offer aims to enhance customer loyalty in the competitive Swiss business of corporate clients, as the insurance company expressly admits. However, Atlanto caters to existing digital management offerings such as Bexio or Klara.

Some Swiss banks achieved record profits in the first half of 2021. Will this also be the case in the second semester?

  • Yes, anyway. Swiss banks are ideally located.

  • Yes, things will improve in the second half of 2021.

  • Further development is entirely dependent on further pandemic.

  • No, the second semester of 2021 will be a little weaker.

  • No, by the end of the year profits will melt again.


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