Shortly before the start of the European Championship game between Germany and France, a co-pilot put himself and his fans in danger in the Munich arena.

Munich – What a crazy and, above all, dangerous move! Just before kick-off European Championship game between Germany and France There is a parameter pilot Danger himself and football fans in the Munich arena.

The paramotor plane was carried directly. © Frank Fife / AFP Pool / AB / DPA

The man was circling the stadium shortly before the start of Tuesday night, attempting to throw a large yellow ball into the arena.

In doing so, however, he became entangled in a steel cable construction on the roof of the stadium, and then he went into a wolfspin.

Only with great effort was he able to prevent himself from falling on the stand and roughly descending on the grass. He was not injured and was taken away by two security guards.

Cracker against France: Laham and Soder are E.M.
European Championship
Cracker against France: Laham and Soder are E.M.

Greenpeace, a well-known environmental organization, was behind the campaign and wanted to protest against sponsor Volkswagen.

In Twitter In one post, Greenpeace asked the company not to sell diesel and petrol cars that could cause climate damage.

“The pilot did not want to go into the ground, he knew it was too dangerous,” a Greenpeace spokesman said. Maybe he was surprised by the wind in the arena, it said. His only plan is to drop a ball with the Greenpeace message. One person was injured in the operation.

“Of course it is not our intention to hurt anyone, we are incredibly sorry,” the spokesman was quoted as saying.

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