Russia: Alexei Navalny welcomes his wife and daughter to a concentration camp

A day before the meeting with the US President Joe Biden with the Russian President Vladimir Putin There are developments in the case Alexei Navalny. A Kremlin critic was allowed to see his wife and daughter. Both visited Navalny in his penal colony in Pokrov, about 100 kilometers east of the Russian capital Moscow.

Yulia Navalnaya and her daughter Daria uploaded a photo from Pokrov to Instagram after the visit. And they wrote that the people you see in the photo are the happiest of all – “because they were only allowed to see the husband and the father.”

Biden meets Putin in Switzerland

The new request to speak on Instagram comes shortly before the first meeting between Putin and Biden. The two meet on Wednesday at Villa V Genevato discuss many issues. According to Putin’s adviser, the agenda includes questions about strategic stability and IT security, combating cybercrime, climate, and North Pole And many regional conflicts as in eastern Ukraine, in SyriaAnd the LibyaAnd the Afghanistan As well as the site in Iran and in North Korea.

Biden announced that his government wants to focus on universal compliance with human rights. Violations must be publicly addressed. They have repeated United States of America He criticized Russia’s handling of Navalny and demanded his release. The Kremlin stresses that this is an internal matter for Russia. You will not be educated by a country that has problems respecting human rights.

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