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Worthington: Facts, Facts, Facts! – Financial Trends

Worthington and feelings

The long-term view of online communication also makes an important contribution to stake assessment. For the assessment, we considered the criterion of discussion intensity, that is, the frequency of reports, and the rate of change in mood. Worthington showed interesting properties in this analysis. The intensity of the discussion is medium where normal activity can be seen. This results in a “comment” evaluation. The rate of change in feelings shows little change. From this, the editorial team, in turn, derives the classification of “Hold”. So the bottom line is a “book” rating.

Investors have a clear opinion

The mood in social networks has been neutral for the past few days. There were no positive or negative fluctuations. Over the past day or two, investors haven’t spoken positively or negatively about Worthington. As a result, the editors rated the stake “hold”. In short, this results in a “booking” assessment of investor sentiment.

Buy, keep or sell – your Worthington analysis is dated 28.06. Provides the answer:

How will Worthington develop now? Is your money safe in this stock? Answers to these questions and why you need to act now can be found in Worthington’s latest post analysis.

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