Home entertainment Lena Gercke: Baby Zoe dances on Dad’s arm on a piano performance

Lena Gercke: Baby Zoe dances on Dad’s arm on a piano performance

Lena Gercke: Baby Zoe dances on Dad’s arm on a piano performance

Model Lena Gercke (33) and ad film director Dustin Schöne (36) have been parents to little Zoe for about a year and a half. The girl is the bright center of her life and she also inspires fans of the former GNTM winner again and again. Lena and Dustin keep their private lives a secret and their daughter is rarely seen. However, the occasional glimpses into the life of a young family are all the prettiest. Dustin has now shared a rare snapshot on Instagram showing: Zoe is a true fan of music. While mom plays the piano, the one-year-old is dancing on dad’s arm. Gercke’s offspring has already proven how excited he is for her mother’s talent. Whether you’re sitting at the piano by yourself or just on Dad’s arm. Once the piano music starts, little curly hair is cheery.

You can watch beautiful shots of Lena Gercke and her daughter Zoe dancing to the music in the video above.

Lena Jerky: Dustin can’t be excited about her huge Christmas tree

Dustin might also have thought “Hey Christmas tree,” when he saw his loved one’s Christmas tree. Because Lina didn’t order an ordinary copy for her family’s nest in Berlin. No, the green spruce that is supposed to be in the living room is four meters tall. A little too big for Dustin’s taste. Because the 36-year-old has to erect the huge tree of his suffering. While he’s “really angry” and venting his anger over the ubiquitous pine needle, Lena shares the story on Instagram with her followers full of anticipation for her huge Christmas tree. While Dustin struggles with massive decor, we enjoy a sneak peek at Lena’s and Dustin’s elegantly furnished apartment.

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