Home science COVID-19: Increasing rates of infection and positivity

COVID-19: Increasing rates of infection and positivity

COVID-19: Increasing rates of infection and positivity

It is difficult in this social context to understand the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in Guadeloupe. Barriers or roadblocks: Residents struggle to get tested. But the virus continues to spread actively: there is even an increase in the rate of positivity and incidence.

Positive rate, the past seven days rolling is 2,4% and infection rate 36,9 per 100,000 inhabitants. The numbers are up compared to the previous week: 1.5% and 35 per 100,000 residents over the previous seven days but also figures that should be taken with caution.

Vigilance because the positivity rate is increasing and to interpret the infection rate in light of some of the roadblocks that are maintained on the roads, preventing testing.

Press Release from the Prefecture and ARS – 12/01/2021

  • As of December 1, the number of new cases has accumulated Three days who is he 38 new cases, in Guadeloupe, according to the latest data published by the province and the regional health agency.
  • Unfortunately, Two new deaths You must regret. The youngest was 66 years old and the oldest 80 years old.
  • No new block He has not been recognized since Monday; But, so far, one group is being monitored in a school in Guadeloupe. The alternate delta Still in the majority.
  • Last night at 5 pm 28 people (including 11 with Covid 19) in acute resuscitation.

Regarding medical services: 9 patients have been hospitalized in 64 open beds for COVID in the Territory Medical Service. 17 patients were treated for COVID in HAD (home hospitalization) and 37 people after COVID were treated in SSR (follow-up care and rehabilitation).

The vast majority of these hospitalized patients are unimmunized or severely immunocompromised.

regional health agency

Update on vaccination of health professionals

  • For liberal professionals : In mid-September, the compliance rate with the vaccination obligation among liberal professionals was 70.4%, rose to 75.9% in mid-October and was 85.3% on November 15. So far, the ratio is 86.86%. As a result, the number of suspensions decreased as it went from 355 on November 15 to 265 today.
  • For social hospitals and medical institutions : Compliance rate decreased from 87% on November 15 to 89% today across all organizations, with a decrease in the number of suspensions, from 1030 to November 15 to 811 today.
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Foreign Minister, Sebastien Licornu, and Health Minister Olivier Veran, gave the first concrete response to requests from elected officials of Guadeloupe and Martinique on November 26 and announced an additional deadline for implementing the vaccination obligation, from December 31, 2021 for caregivers.


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