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Putting his sentence in context

Putting his sentence in context


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With #Contexte, franceinfo replaces the controversial sentence of the former minister in the situation.

Christian Tobira Thursday, September 23, rejected a call for Guyana residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The guest of RTL’s morning show, the former justice minister thinks that’s not her role. “It is not my duty to call for vaccinations.” Will Christian Topira take a step toward vaccine opponents, particularly in Guyana, where 29.6% of those over 12 years of age were fully vaccinated on September 15, versus 81.7% of the eligible population of the entire population? The health of France?

Is vaccination free? This is the first question asked on the topic of vaccination at Christian Tobira. “The question is whether freedom of vaccination should be preserved. It is not a simple question, You start with the answer. It is not my duty to ask for a vaccination. I am a political leader who is not in office and therefore do not possess the information that would formally or formally permit him to either give instructions or to consider that in the light of this information I hold myself responsible. I watch how the company works. Before blaming Guyanas, I think Guyanas should take the issue of health seriously. But the question of the weight, legitimacy and credibility of public discourse is a real question. I think the question in Guyana is not what I tell people to do, I think it is time to appoint a mediator or a mediator because it is clear that there is no longer any capacity to hear the official discourse.”

This refusal to contact “officially” on vaccination, including in the ranks of opponents of the strategy against Covid-19 and the health card, such as Florian Philippot, who welcomes “His refusal to replace individuals in their choice of vaccination or not” qualifies him as “brave”.

She remembered Christian Tobira since she was the same ‘Vaccinate in Guyana for four months without concealing it’ And this is for her, “Arguments against the ax are a tapestry of follies.”


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