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HomescienceThe situation is deteriorating, which means that new measures are being taken

The situation is deteriorating, which means that new measures are being taken

Infection and positivity rates continue to rise. Périgueux Hospital Center has launched Level 2 of the White Plan

NSAs it has been for several weeks, the situation continues to deteriorate on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic in Dordogne. Friday, December 10, the district’s infection rate was 426.5 cases per 100,000 residents, compared to 397.7 cases on December 7. The positivity rate also continues to rise: it was 7.5% on December 9th. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 275 people have died of coronavirus (+1 in 24 hours) in hospitals.

Currently, 14 people are being followed up in intensive care and 142 in hospital due to Covid in the department. “These are serious forms and most of them are people who are not immune,” says one at Perigueux Hospital where the number of admissions to critical care doubled in one week. We have entered a critical phase of the epidemic in the Dordogne. People should understand that we have crossed the threshold. There must be awareness of the importance of strict respect for mask-wearing and barrier gestures,” notes Anthony Bokosha, interim director of the Bergerac Hospital Center. Several restrictive measures have been taken.

1 Partial and gradual cancellation of programming

Therefore the Périgueux Hospital Center was started on level 2 of the white plan, with the result that surgical activities were partially and gradually deprogrammed. The goal is to free up staff to enhance hospitalization capabilities in critical care and medicine. The secretariats are related to the concerned patients. The Department of Cancer and Emergencies is not involved. “We just differ what can be changed without losing the opportunity to patients,” the hospital said. Note that three additional beds are open in intensive care.

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In Bergerac, where three patients are admitted, deprogramming is being considered.

2 Hospital and nursing home visits have been suspended

Unsurprisingly, visits in the hospitals of Périgueux, Sarlat, Lanmary (Antonne) and Domme are suspended, except for a specific medical decision, particularly in the departments of pediatrics, obstetrics or end-of-life. In addition, people who come to the consultation must come alone and provide a health clearance (except for emergencies).

With regard to the accommodation of dependent elderly people at the Périgueux Hospital Center, it will be necessary to make an appointment again to visit a loved one from Monday, December 13.

3 Emergency flow restriction

Hospital Périgueux notes a very high number of emergency visits (180 per week versus 130 in normal times). The Foundation states that in order not to satiate emergency situations, it is necessary for patients with non-serious symptoms of Covid, not to go there and contact the attending physician.

4 call for reinforcements

The Périgueux Hospital Center appeals to health professionals to attend and support the teams in place. Nurses, nursing assistants and rehabilitation staff are welcome to apply. Everything must be sent to the Human Resources Department by post or by e-mail to [email protected].

5 Vaccination is increasing

Since November 15, vaccination has continued to grow, with 21,500 injections made in the week of November 29. Four ephemeral vaccination centers, organized by firefighters, will open, in addition to the 15 centers currently operating. This will be the case on Nontron, Wednesday 15th December; At Bugue, Friday 17 December; In Saint-Antoine-de-Breuilh, Tuesday, December 21 and in Terrassa, Thursday, December 23.

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In addition, on Monday 13, Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 December, the Périgueux Hospital Center will create vaccination boxes without an appointment at the La Filature Vaccination Center for people over 65 years of age (with the Moderna vaccine).

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