In All Friendship: After the Breakup - How's It Going With Dr.  Hellman as well?

“Tell me, you sweat a lot. Are you slowly entering menopause?” Ask Globusch (Andrea Katherine Luig), Then her colleague, Dr. Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann) already together. Fortunately for him, in front of the Sachsen clinic. On subsequent examination, Hellmann ruled out menopause. “I also don’t suppose my cardiac activity will show any abnormalities.” And instead of calming down or, like Dr. Globisch suggests taking a vacation, Hellman starts his workday as if nothing had happened. Patient Sasha Horn (Leonard Fox), who was admitted to the Sachsen Clinic with severe abdominal pain, is being treated. Right decision? Dr. said. Stein (Bernard Petermann) while later watching Hellman. “As a friend or as a clinic manager, I fear both,” Globisch asks.

However, Hellman is doing surgery on his patient and it should be discontinued – even though the scan results show no abnormalities. suspected dr. Globisch, that is, syncope caused by psychological overload. Hellman knows like his boss that there aren’t always clear diagnoses. “There’s one more thing I have to tell you, too,” Stein said. “The clinic can’t take responsibility to perform surgery on you like this.” How does Hellman react to these offers? “In All Friendship” on Tuesday, May 3 at 9 pm in the first.

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