Princess Charlene of Monaco: She underwent surgery again under general anaesthesia
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Princess Charlene von Monaco has been in South Africa since the beginning of 2021. Now it’s late to return to Prince Albert again.

Update from Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 2 p.m.: Princess Charlene of Monaco continues to struggle with her health. Now she had to undergo another surgery in South Africa. A palace representative told AFP that the operation was carried out under general anesthesia and went “very well.” However, the princess had to remain “under observation” for 48 hours. After that, there will be no further surgeries due to her acute otolaryngitis.

Princess Charlene of Monaco – Palace with the following bad news

First report on Friday, October 8, 2021: Monaco – The bad news about Princess Charlene of Monaco does not stop. The princess separated from her family months ago. She is stuck in South Africa, a return flight is simply not possible at the moment due to health issues. Recently, Charlene von Monaco announced that she will not be back at the moment.

As a spokeswoman for the Chantell Wittstock Foundation officially announced on Friday, the princess will have to undergo another surgery. The operation should be done on Friday under general anaesthesia. After all: according to the spokeswoman, it should be the last operation that Charlene von Monaco must undergo.

Princess Charlene of Monaco has to undergo another surgery

The palace had already announced in mid-August that Princess Charlene of Monaco would undergo surgery. The operation under general anesthesia took four hours at the time. However, because the healing process continued, Princess Charlene had to go to the hospital again at the beginning of September.

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Since then, things have seemed to be getting better for the 43-year-old, even if she missed starting school for her two children, Gabriella and Jack in between. After weeks of rest, Charlene recently attended her first official date. Clinical difficulties and interventions were still notable.

Princess Charlene of Monaco surprises her fans

Princess Charlene of Monaco wants to settle a royal inheritance dispute

The princess has been in South Africa for months, campaigning against rhino poaching, and is now also supposed to settle a royal feud: a simmering internal feud between members of South Africa’s royal family, the Zulu kingdom, for some time. It is about intrigue and, above all, a lot of money. Charlene from Monaco offered to help.

After all, she is currently unable to return to Monaco anyway due to an ear, nose and throat infection as a result of oral surgery. This intervention took place before the trip to South Africa. Now an intervention on Friday can finally solve the problem. But for now, the drama about Princess Charlene of Monaco continues. nc


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