Maddie McCann’s parents recalled the ‘terrible crime’

Maddie McCann’s parents recalled the ‘terrible crime’

Fifteen years after the disappearance of their youngest daughter, Madeleine McCann, parents are still waiting for answers to what happened. They are grateful for the inquiries of the British, Portuguese and German authorities, as Kate and Jerry McCann wrote on their official Facebook page in a joint statement marking the anniversary that this concerted effort would provide answers. The girl has been reported missing. “Whatever the outcome, Madeleine will always be our daughter. A truly horrific crime has been committed.”

On May 3, 2007, three – year – old Madeleine – also known as Maddie – from Great Britain went missing from her holiday home in Priya da Luce, Portugal. The parents left Maddie and her two younger brothers in the apartment while having dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant. They continued to check on the children – until the mother suddenly felt horrified: Maddie’s bed was empty and the patio door was open. There was no trace of the little girl after that.

Christian b. Investigators believe Maddie was abducted and killed by Germans. There are many ways, but the chain of evidence is not closed and the principle of presumption of innocence applies. The suspect is currently serving several years in a German prison for raping a 72-year-old American woman in 2005 in Bria da Luce. Christian b. The only case still under investigation is the disappearance of Maddie.


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