'I learned a lot': A-Rod talks candidly about breaking up with J.Lo

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez (46) and Jennifer Lopez (52) announced their separation a few months ago. They were a couple for about five years before they decided to separate. While the singer recently deleted all the photos shared on social media, it seems that the former Yannkees player fondly remembers the time together: Now the athlete frankly spoke in an interview about love.

in conversation with Entertainment tonight explained Alex last Tuesday: “I had a wonderful life and a wonderful relationship for five years, including with my daughters. We learned a lot.” his children Natasha And Ella Rodriguez They have become good friends over the past few years J. Los Twins Max (13) and Amy (13). The baseball star also managed to get something positive out of it all: “We’re so grateful for the past five years. How can we make the next five years better with what we’ve learned?” He is doing well and looking to the future, the 46-year-old confirmed in the closing.

Meanwhile, his ex-fiancĂ©e appears to have found her newfound happiness. Jennifer recently started dating again with actor Ben Affleck (49 years old). The two have already been a couple for about 17 years, and their current relationship may have made this year’s love comeback.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in May 2018 in New York City
Emme, Natasha, Ella, Max, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez in November 2020
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in July 2021
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