Coach Ole Werner von Holstein has high hopes for newcomer Lewis Holdby, but warns against the former national player’s high expectations. “He last played in May, so he will need some more time.”Keel said the coach at the bottom of the table at the 2nd Bundesliga on Wednesday. Holdby signed on Tuesday and most recently was without a club. The former Hamburger SV specialist previously played for Blackburn Rovers in the 2nd Division of England for two years. At the key, the midfielder has a contract until 2023.


30 years old already Friday (6.30pm /The sky) Fortune D டsseldorf, Werner will be in the starting line with the open position. “I have to think twice about it.” Nevertheless, the 33-year-old expects a lot from his left foot: “He’s a player with a certain amount of experience and being in the dressing room and on the pitch.” Holdby is an old friend in the far north. The three-time German national completed 200 Bundesliga games, in Schalke 04, VFL Pocham and FSV Mains 05, where he last played for a hamburger SV. After a missed promotion, he did not receive a new contract with HSV in the summer of 2019.

After a poor start to the hinge with zero points and zero goals from three league games, Holdby must now absorb the exit from playmaker Jay-Sung Lee (Mains 05) and central midfield. “Provide more structure and order”, Stressed sports director Uwe Stöver. Striker Johnny Serra, midfielder Jonas Mayford VI and right-back Janick Dehm have all lost the other three leading players below, and the current squad has yet to make up for it. Therefore, after Holdby’s confirmation, further confirmations may follow.

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After a string of defeats at FC St Bowle, against Schalke 04 and John Regensburg (both 0: 3), the coach coached mainly in defensive training. “We didn’t score a single goal, but we should have scored four goals in every game,” Werner said, explaining the problem of the many goals we agreed on. “We need to get some consistency on the defensive.” Injured defensive experts Alexander Iknjovsky (tendon damage) and Mikhal Kirgaskov (thigh problems) cannot help right now.


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