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6 secret ingredients that make oatmeal tastier

6 secret ingredients that make oatmeal tastier

Humans are habitual creatures—which is why we’re hardly surprised that most of us prepare oatmeal the same way over and over again. There are still many ways you can spice up your porridge a bit in the morning!

These secret ingredients make oatmeal tastier

1. Pour tea over oatmeal

Yes you read correctly! If you pour oat flakes with tea instead of milk or a plant-based alternative, the taste of the tea in question will be affected. Very delicious! Read here >> Especially delicious teas with porridge

2. Seeds as a substitute for nuts

Nuts are the classic among the layers of oatmeal—and that’s a good thing, because they have so many health benefits. However, if you want a little variety, every now and then you should at least use healthy and tasty seeds. Hemp seeds, chia seeds, sesame and co are ideal sources of protein and fiber and also contain fewer calories than nuts.

3. Granulated cream cheese makes oatmeal creamy

Yogurt and milk were yesterday – now the granulated cream cheese in the bowl! This not only makes the porridge very creamy, but also gives it a lot of protein. Proteins are very filling, which is why food cravings are so hard to eat during the day.

4. Fatty porridge with eggs

Are you looking for a whole new taste experience? Then prepare the oatmeal – with an egg! This way you can quickly prepare a delicious snack on your lunch break or a healthy evening meal with stuffed oat flakes. Lots of power included! Here you can find the recipe for hearty porridge >>

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5. Porridge with avocado

Did you get a delicious taste? Then you should definitely try adding avocado to your porridge. Avocado ensures that healthy omega-3 fats enter the body – and they not only stimulate digestion, but also help with radiant skin! We will tell you why you should eat an avocado every day here >>

6. Creamy porridge with feta cheese

Gourmet attention! Because you can also refine porridge with feta cheese. The salty version is perfect for lunch or dinner. Toppings such as walnuts or figs give the porridge a more delicious flavour. The perfect oatmeal meal for fall!

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