Home entertainment ‘I have four breasts’: Sophia Thomala feels thin

‘I have four breasts’: Sophia Thomala feels thin

‘I have four breasts’: Sophia Thomala feels thin

“I have four breasts”
Sofia Tomala feels skinny

Anyone who thinks that self-confident Sophia Thomala has no qualms is mistaken. Although love is going well again for the 32-year-old, she finds her body too angular for that. In an RTL interview, she talked about what you see when you stand in front of a mirror.

Sofia Tomala has always managed to stay in a conversation. Whether it’s through their love stories, a new one of which was posted recently, or through hot pictures on Instagram. Anyway, the 32-year-old always makes an impression of self-confidence, but reveals in an interview with RTL that she feels nothing but satisfaction with her body.

In the past, other people often made Tomala’s bodies a topic of conversation. Although Instagram usually praises her sexy pics, her followers are always complaining about her and finding her too skinny. Now the “Are You The One” presenter admits that she’d also like to get more ribs herself. “My coastal arc is almost away from my chest. Sometimes I feel like I have four breasts in front,” says Thomala, whose new format starts dating tonight.

Eat a lot, burn fast

She eats “a lot”, but her body also processes it “incredibly fast”, and she continues to complain about her suffering. For some overweight people who want to lose weight, this may not be understandable, but of course the metabolism varies from person to person. However, a few years ago, Tomala reacted differently to fans who called her “too skinny”: “I can’t eat around and gain weight all day,” she said in an interview at the time. In addition to this, Thomalla does a lot of sports to keep fit.

The fact that she caught a professional athlete for the second time in a row is definitely a coincidence. After splitting from soccer goalkeeper Loris Karius who became known in June, Thomala recently announced her new relationship with tennis star Alexander Zverev publicly on social media. During this, she finally revealed that she used all of her senses when choosing men.

The first episode of the dating show “Date or Drop” hosted by Sophia Thomalla is now starting TVNOW retrieve it. There are new episodes every Friday at 11pm on RTL and in streaming.

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