HP Printers: Over 200 Devices Affected by Critical Vulnerabilities
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Currently 200 HP printers can be targets of cyber attacks due to vulnerabilities. We’ll show you which devices are affected and how to protect yourself.

HP printer firmware has vulnerabilities.

HP printer firmware has vulnerabilities. (Source: Hewlett Packard)

  • Many HP printers have serious security vulnerabilities.
  • Your operating system can be attacked via hardware.
  • A firmware update protects you from this.

Currently, a large number of HP printers can be exploited in cyber attacks. This is due to weaknesses in the firmware. All affected devices are network printers that use Local Multiplex Name Resolution (LLMNR).

This function connects the printer to your computer. This way, attackers can gain access to your system remotely or files can be overwritten.

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The list of affected devices will go beyond the scope here. However, you can on HP support page Find out if your printer is at risk, too. You can protect yourself by updating your printer firmware.

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Current fraud alerts

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